Friday, 28 December 2012

Taxidermy - A Little History

Taxidermy as an element of interior design and decoration was immensely popular during the mid-Victorian era and could be found in homes throughout Europe and North America.

Over time it fell out of fashion and was relegated to museums and hunters...

Over the last few years the art of taxidermy has enjoyed a revival - perhaps as a reaction against the distant, cold angularity of modern interior decoration.

During the Victorian era taxidermy was a means of bringing the exotic character of distant lands and sense of adventure into the home. This desire to project an adventurous and exotic character has remained popular, and the re-emergence of taxidermy in design circles reflects a shift towards classic and eclectic aesthetics as well as a celebration of unique, personal style.

We have an extensive range of genuine taxidermy and antlers sourced from here in New Zealand as well as Canada and South Africa.

Taxidermy Male Pheasant - KOKO Classics Mt Eden

The possibilities for styling are endless: from shield-mounted horns on a wall (beautiful individually or as a pair) to a trophy shoulder mounted taxidermy Black Bushbuck in a study, a cluster of loose inner polished Kudu horns as a centrepiece for a dining table or individually placed on the mantel piece...

                                                  21 Point Stag Horns Shield Mounted - KOKO Classics Mt Eden

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