Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Leather Care Tips

Leather is a significant investment so its vital that you care

for it properly 

so it will stand the test of time…

Sunlight and dirt are the main things that will cause your leather deteriorate.

In a climate such as New Zealand, sunlight is the main thing to be aware of as it will dry
out the leather and make it fade quickly. So keep your leather pieces out of direct sunlight.

As you care for your skin at the end of the day (cleanse and then moisturise), so you need
to care for your leather. We recommend the ‘Pelle’ range of products that includes the Leather Cleaner and the Leather Conditioner Protector.

The Pelle leather cleaner will remove any build up of dust, oils etc. Then the Pelle conditioner
and protector replaces the moisture to keep your leather soft and supple whilst providing a light protective sheen.

Both products are available through the Mt Eden store